Damn, how did I forget perhaps the most used application on my computer? I’ve been using Syndirella several times a day lately to keep tabs on nearly 30 news sources and weblogs and I think its just great. I pimped it over on Arstechnica the same day I made my last software post so I have no idea how I forgot about it here. Here’s my post from that thread:

Syndirella, an awesome news aggregator for Windows. If you’ve ever used NetNewsWire on OS X you’ll love this program.

Its got a simple 3 pane interface, and adding feeds is easy. You can simply put in the URL and it will use its auto-RSS discovery methods to comb the site for a link to its RSS data. If none is found you can configure a web srape the pull news-like info off any site by telling the site the delimiters of certain things like the title, date, and body.

Its really cool if you read a lot of blogs/news sites like me. It’ll update all the feeds however often you like and the try icon notifies you of updated feeds. As you can see in my screen shot I’m reading Ars Technica thru the app

P.S. You can also configure the app to use the IE apis to display the actual article/site (when you double click a article or site (on the left)) in the 3rd content pane (larger one) so you never have to open a browser. But I just have it open up the site or article in a new browser window.