Life et cetera

Spring break is coming up (in a week or something) and this year my Dad and Step-Mom will be coming up here from Kansas to see me and Jacqui. We’ll be going up to chicago to see all the sights (Sears Tower, stores and shops) and hopefully later on that night we’ll be going to see Second City (a famous comedy theater in chicago) and lots more. We’ll probably also be around for the St. Patrick’s day festivities and we’ll also go out to eat with both of our families.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about my calendaring stuff (see below) and if I’ll ever be able to let it see the light of day. I’m writing it for CERIAS and it will be initially used to serve their needs. But I think that it has so much potential and I could really spiff it up to make a pretty popular PHP application out of it. However, I dont think that’s possible since I wrote it for CERIAS.

It’ll technically be their property to do with as they please. However, CERIAS is a very progressive place to work. They work with a lot of open source stuff and they seem like they’d be pretty open to letting me offer the software to the public (who knows) :) Anyways, hopefully we’ll see it out on sourceforge some day :)