Spring Breakin'

Having a good time on spring break. Lets sum it up real quick. My dad and step-mom came up to Chicago on sunday and we (them + me + jacqui + jacqui’s parents) all went out to eat at the Macaroni Grill. After that we all went back to Jacqui’s house and had desert and everyone talked for a while before my parents headed out to their hotel to sleep for the night.

The next day me and jacqui and my parents went down town and we had planned on going to the field museum and second city but somehow we we’re distracted by navy pier and we rode the ferris wheel. By the time we had gotten to field museum it was closed :O.

We also were not able to get tickets to see Second City because they were sold out. :O x 100.

Oh well I guess. We went to go see the pianist at a loews theater down on North and Wells.

The next day they left to go to Misourri.

On Tuesday me and Jacqui went to the Mall and looked around a bit in the Apple Store and I bought a shirt at Mr. Rags. We also took a peek inside the Sanrio store ;)

We also had gone to a sporting store (a huge one at that) that started with the letter G. It was down in the streets of woodfield (a classy strip mall sort of place). I am comitted to working out now so I got some k-rad basketball shorts and an uberl337 shirt. I already started getting into shape tonight with Jacqui. We went down the to exercise room at our apartment complex.

Finally on tuesday me and Jacqui helped set up her old B&W G3 tower at her grandparents (OS 9 sux!) and now they are using OS X in all its glory ;) For helping them out, they took us out to eat at Yue’s (sp?), a very tasty chinese restaurant in the Schaumburg area.

Lets see, what else? We ate at Big Bowl last night and saw the movie “Chicago” with Jacqui’s mother.

Today we came back! :) Besides obliterating Denver and The Saints in my final two games of the season in NFL Fever I’ve been trying to straighten things out with Host Rocket, I’m totally convinced that they have a messed up bandwidth monitor. Since the reinstatement of my site (less than twelve hours ago) they seem to think I’ve racked up 4-5GB of traffic. GUFFAW!! That’s neigh impossible, especially with this site.