The beginning of the end

Well it seems that spring break is coming to an end. I am very anxious to get back into the swing of things. I don’t know about everyone else (well I do know about Jacqui since we’ve talked about this), but the spring semester always seems to really hit me hard. The second semester of the year always throws me off track and I have to really fight to get myself organized and composed. In contrast, the fall semester always seems to go really well for me, as I usually end up with a phatty GPA and semester honors.

In other news, my arms/chest are really sore. I did about 75 vertical butterflies and the muslces connecting my arms to my chest (I dont even know what they’re called!) are really hurting today. On the other hand, its a good feeling because it’s like I really did something to put my arms to work. Hopefully they will be feeling better when I get to my normal regiment (MWF I hope).

In other other news I went out to get a new wireless keyboard this weekend. I wanted to do this because my current one (an el cheapo logitech one that I got from Wal*Mart a year ago) recently got juice dropped on it and in the process of cleaning it up I messed up some of the keys (lets just say some of the keys didnt react so well to a very hot blow-dryer). Well we went down to the local Best-Buy and it seems like the only wireless keyboards they has was a bunch of $99 keyboard/mouse combos. I didn’t want a combo because I really wanted the Logitech MX700 for a mouse.

Therefore I would be wasting my money on a stupid combo where I would never use the mouse. To add insult to injury, Best-Buy was even sold out of the MX700. >:O

I was out of options, in an altered state of mind. Vulnerable, really. That’s the only reasoning I can come up with to explain why I made the decision to cross the road and enter Circuit City. Well we went in there and I found the mouse I wanted and another shelf of stupid $99 Keyboard/Mouse combos. Anyways I just bought the MX700 and went along my way. However when I got home I found a wireless keyboard (and mouse I guess : ) from , but its a standard keyb and its a cool charcoal color.

That’s good because it will match my charcoal colored case (an antec SX1030B).

Anyhoo. I have a l337 new mouse and my arms hurt and I’m hoping for the rest of the semester to get on its way ;)