I was so worried, and now look

I was so worried that all of my conflicting tasks this morning were going to cause catastrophe. I had to turn in my time card to CERIAS before 9am, I also had a class from 7:30am to 8:20am and I had a meeting with my adademic advisor at 8:20am. Quite a mess eh?

Well I just went to the 7:30 class and no one was there. So I sat down and started to get the syllabus out when the professor and another student arrived. He was a bit agasp that only two students had shown up, and thats about the time that I saw on the syllabus that today said “NO LECTURE”. Even the professor had forgotten about it ;S

Well thats well and good. Now I have pleeennty of time to get around and do stuff. The only problem I have now is that I probably won’t be able to slip my timecard into CERIAS until 8am. Oh well :P