Stuff ;)

I just wanted to throw out a little rant that got stuck in my brain as I groggily listened to the news as I lay in bed (My computer automatically cues up a mp3 news stream at 6am or so every morning).

I became very worried when an ad-hoc interview was aired with a “regular joe”. The news person was on the street soliciting opinions from people and the response I heard was rather startling. The man said something to the effect of, “I support this war because those people came over here and attacked us when we hadn’t done anything. So I fully support our government for going over there and attacking them.”

Ok fine. That would be great if that was actually true. Iraq has not and still has no ties to the attack that took place on the US. The only (weak) evidence that anyone could scrounge up to tie saddam to any sort of terrorism are some canceled checks made out to dead palestinians/human-bombs.

This only confirms the poll I saw a while back that stated that nearly half of americans only support the war on Iraq because they believe that Iraq was directly responsible for the World Trade Center attacks. WTF? Where do people get these ideas? Do the ideas spontaneously appear in their tiny minds?


In other news I have scheduled for Summer 2003, Fall 2003, and Spring 2004 all in a single fell swoop. It appears my initial ideas for classes were to be a little dashed since some tard who was registering EET students last semester didn’t know jack and forgot to future people for classes. That means that some of the classes I wanted to get into have waiting lists :rolleyes:. Well that really sucks. Now I have to take some classes I wasn’t even considering taking. Oh well I suppose. Looks like I’m about become a DSP expert ;)

Now I just gotta get over to Schleman and fill out some Financial aid forms. Man will I be glad to stop filling those things out :P