I got to test my cool little amp board today. After an hour and half of trouble shooting (a loose OPAMP pin and a weird cold solder join on the -28V input pin), I had a working unit. Oh and I also had a 330kohm resistor where a 33kohm should’ve been.

Anyways I finally got it going and it was doing pretty good without the suspended supply. I got it doing 6.3Vrms to the load and pulling ~450mA with a 9.72ohm load. Thats approximately 2.04W for a pure sine wave. Real music would degrade that a bit. I think down to somewhere around 400mW _. The suspended supply should give me enough power until my board melts I guess ;)

P.S. Does anyone know why MY site it the #1 hit for “suspended supply” & amplifer ??? Am I crazy or what. Help me out here :)

In other news I’m done with lectures fore EET 276. I won’t be getting up at 7:30am on Mondays for quite a while. Next week is going to suck. Two tests. One on wednesday and the other on friday. The week after that is dead week (which means no EET 231 which means I wont have to get up until 9am on monday and wednesday). Then finals w00t. I will be working for a few weeks at CERIAS and then I’ll be taking both POL 141 and COM 250 (I’m #1 on the waiting list).

Next semester (Fall 03) is a real pain. sigh oh well ;)

Off to homework :O