EET 231 Test 4

Well I got a 100% on a test. I think that might be a first in College ;) I’ve gotten 99’s and 98’s but no 100s. The sad thing is that my grade actually dropped (he put in a whole bunch of other grades as well). This class has an odd system for grading which was actually helping me out for a while.

Quiz grades (we take one every day) are weighted more than the final. So they heavily affect your grade. For the longest time I had around a 96% in quizzes but with all the additons it has dropped to 91%. My first three tests in that class were substandard by my opinion. 73, 56, and 71. So I guess that my heavily weighted 96% quiz grade was outweighing them. However now my distrobution stands as follows:

  • Lab: 96%
  • Quiz: 91%
  • Test 1: 73%
  • Test 2: 56%
  • Test 3: 71%
  • Test 4: 100%

With this classes weighting scale that brings me to a total of around 87% right now.

Luckily for me, this class also offers what are reffered to as “Resurrection Points”. This is a new concept to me, but maybe its more widespread in other majors/schools. Basically the idea behind it is that the final will have four sections representing the content covered on the four regular semester tests. Each section will be evaluated seperately and that percentage (if higher) will be applied to the regular semester grade. For example. I got a 56% on test 2. If were able to get a 90% on section 2 of the final, my grade for test two would be raised to 90% from 56%. Then of course the composite score of the final would be added into the mix. I suppose its fair ;)