Site Updates

Mostly under the hood stuff. I took more advantage of Movabletype’s new features for 2.6. Stuff like tags to insert my Creative Commons license and RDF information. I also added in CC information into my RSS feed. I made sure my RSS feed validated to v2.0. I also made sure that my site was still validating XHTML 1.1 Transitional. I validated my CSS. I also added GeoURL Meta tags to my site.

GeoURL tags are really cool because websites like geoURL can collect the information and build a database of the proximities of websites to each other ;)

Check out the few websites near this one.

I already found my first victim, er I mean new friend ;) Seems he uses a Mac? I wonder if he comes to our meetings.

Anyways, I also made a little php function to add those trendy little buttons everyone is using to my site. It does a directory listing of a special directory that only holds buttons like these and spits them out. It also consults a meta file I created to determine if the images should link to anything. Its pretty neat actually ;)

You can view the cool little buttons in the sidebar a little ways down the page.