Wow I stayed up way too late

But I rewrote the inner workings of my class HTML_Tasks which I presented the other day.

In case you missed the announcement the other night I wrote a class which queries your Tasks table and creates a standard HTML list out of them.

Well there were some things that I could’ve done better (who would’ve guessed!). Alex suggested I perform a single query and loop through the results rather than making many small surgical queries because I was essentially wasting my time ;) Switching over to the new method increased the speed by orders of magnitude!

Secondly I figured out why Alex was probably perplexed over my use of the PEAR DB object in my class. Tasks only uses mySQL duh. I can’t believe this only sunk in tonight ;). So while I’ve left in the ability to use pear (its turned off by default), the default behaviour is now to use the standard PHP mysql function calls to do all the DB work.

Thirdly, I wrote a bit more detailed installation procedures ;)