Clint's New Music Tuesday


It’s that time of the week again. I’m here to share with you some cool new bands I’ve discovered over the past week. First and foremost I’ve been dying to post about this band I had previously heard about through Dan . He was asked to audition for the band to fill the spot of guitarist but didn’t make it in for some reason or another. Anyways he told me about the group and I forgot it. Fast forward a few weeks and Damone is being pimped pretty hard on Idobi Radio, a radio station I listen to at work and at home (sometimes:)). I heard a great song by them named ‘Up to You’. They have some samples up on their site.

The Band

Here is a 18sec lo-quality clip of my favorite part of ‘Up To You’.

Here is a 16 sec lo-quality clip of ‘On My Mind’.

Here is a 17 sec lo-quality clip of ‘Carwash Romance’.

The songs are sung by Noelle, a cute girl who is most definately \m/PUNK ROCK\m/ ;) The rest of the band look pretty hardcore too and music is riddled with a bunch of guitar solos that make me happy :P

You should definately consider buying their Album ‘In the Attic’ if you enjoy the music. Their album is also available on the iTunes Music Store for $9.99 or $0.99 a track!


Jeff pointed me to a cool group after last week’s post. Their name is Zox . They are a self-described “Reggae and Frentic Rock + Violin Sonata” group and they’re pretty awesome. Head on over to their MP3.com page and check out “Canon” and the rest of the music.

Authority Zero

They have some awesome songs but I particularly enjoy One more Minute


I’ve only heard one song of theirs. The name of the song is “Trans Parent” and I really like it. Try listening to Idobi Radio and you might catch it ;)