Vote for The Starting Line!

Have you ever heard of The Starting Line ? They are probably one of the most awesome bands signed to Drive-Thru. They are also probably near the top of my most favorite groups.

They’ve got a new video out and Drive Thru is really anxious to get it played on MTV. MTV lets people on the net vote for what videos they’d like to see air and you can help! Just go to MTV’s online voting area and vote as many times as you want! (Seriously, its OK :)).

This band’s ability to crank out poppy catchy song after song really makes them unique and I don’t think there are many other bands who continually suprise me and entertain me with their music. If you’re looking for a particular song you’d think you’d like to listen to try “Three’s a Charm”, “Leaving”, “Cheek to Cheek”, “Up & Go”, “Breakup Day”, or “Greg’s Last Day”.