CSS Tabs

via Daniel Von Fange comes a cool technique for creating CSS tabs with submenus

The poster was a little dissapointed with previous attempts at creating CSS tabs because the most common method involved some voodoo with CSS and a few unordered lists. The reason this is bad is because a screen reader program, wireless (low-bandwidth devices), text browser that cannot render the style-sheet will show a really disorganized and unassociated list of items.

Kalsey Consulting has created a method that uses a single nested unordered list. This means that to clients that do no display the CSS, you get:

  • Home
  • Projects
    • C#
    • Java
    • Python
  • Photos

The site goes on to list a few some alternative techniques created by other notable web guys:

CSS tabs have always seemed pretty cool to me, I love seeing how far people can push things and make cool ideas come to life :)