The Future is Not So Bright

Reading over the results of a survey taken by 400 “web developers” at http://www.meet-the-makers.com/ reveals some disturbing numbers. In order to read the results of the survey you must signup for the mailing list.

400 People is a lot of people to interview but is by no means a significant portion of the community but still, its a little scary.

To summarize, the majority of the 400 web professional developers are using Dreamweaver to create sites, An overwhelming majority are still using Internet Explorer to view web content. According to these #’s, Javascript is used more widely than style sheets.

On the even lower side. Javascript was listed as an option for “Which Server Side Technologies Do You Use”. Even lower was the fact that it garnered the majority of answers for that question. Second on that list was XML which I’m not so sure should be included either, so I’m assuming that #3, PHP, was the real #1 ;)

PS. 40% of the people were still using Mac OS 9 _

All in all I don’t know how much faith I put in these people ;)