Cracks in Reloaded

Doug seems to think that the newest Matrix sequel, Reloaded, was a blunder . This isn’t the first bad review of Matrix: Reloaded I’ve heard. Oh sure, you’ll get all the stellar reviews from the fanboys first “ O M G THIS MOVIE FORCED ME TO PURCHASE A WHOLE NEW SET OF UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111” but here and there you start hearing about the cracks.

Over at Kottke I hear that the special effects in some parts left much to be desired, fight scene clips on talk shows seem wooden, played out, and dull.

I’ve not yet seen the movie, so I’ll save my own assumptions but when I do see it I’ll be sure to post what I think about it, and I’d almost guaruntee you that I won’t be needing new underwear :)