Einstein Archives, Standards

http://www.alberteinstein.info/ is a website that launched today. The institute has digitally archived and made available thousands of papers, manuscripts, and notes that once belonged to Albert Einstein. Sounds pretty cool to me ;) You may or may not have luck with the server since its being pounded by just about everyone.

If there is one thing I’d like to people to take away from my site, it is that my site lives up to certain standards. When I mention standards, many things might come to mind. One person might think I mean editorial standards, or content standards, or frequency standards and they’d all be correct. I have certain ideas in my mind that compell me to post about certain things, how often, and with an acceptable level of typos :)

However, the standards I spend the most time on are lexical, layout, and design standards. If its one of my pet peeves it is a website that doesn’t measure up to one one of the many standards set forth by the X/HTML governing body Pick one, any one, and just do it. The people who are not writing up to standards are holding us back in terms of browser disparity and the level of “coolness” you see on the web. It is my belief the emergence of flash (DIEDIEDIE) as a popular UI platform has only come about because of the sluggishness of normal web designers to get a clue and write half-way decent code. Flash allows content producers to completely bypass the crappy rendering engines of some browsers in order to display a higher level of content.

Enough of my rambling ;) This all came about from reading an article about why standards are important

Please take a read and then re-write your webpage to validate, k thx :)