Clint's New Music Tuesday

I didn’t have much time for new music last week but I did find a cool new group called Fallout Boy I really love their album “Take this to your Grave” especially the song “Chicago is so two years ago”.

I’ve also found a new fondness for Sum 41. I’ve been listening to their most recent album “Does this look infected” and I’m pleased :)

Finch on a Magazine Cover

Want some other bands I think you should check out? No? Too bad :)

Finch has been getting really popular lately. They’ve appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show _, Conan and some other late night shows. I believe that they also got a magazine cover!

The Early November
These guys are kinda new to Drive Thru Records but they really rock. I think they’ve put out a normal album and in addition I think they’ve also done an accoustic album which I didn’t really like as much as the first album. In any case check out “Every night is another story” and “Come Back”. Both are great songs :)