I went walking today...

A fallen down log

…and took some pictures. Jacqui and my other two roommates had taken off for the long weekend. In the case of Jacqui a very long weekend. I was encoding my recently purchased copy of Star Trek: Nemesis and I had already watched three or four episodes of my newly purchased Season 7 of TNG. I really didn’t have anything better to do, so I got some shoes on, put on my hat, grabbed the camera and headed out to do some exploring!

A view of my apartment from the outside

I live in a college-living styled apartment complex about 3 or 4 miles outside of the Purdue University campus which means we’re on the fringe of civilization. Without a car you can’t really get anywhere unless you walk down the side of the highway.

With everyone gone today I decided to do just that! I remembered a road the the bus used to take that has some cool fields, old barns, and small forests of trees. Most of these forests have been destroyed in the name of progress. Several brand new housing/apartment complexes have sprung up in this area of the past 3 years to accomodate the swelling numbers of students attending the university who choose not to live in student housing.

In any case I knew there were some cool things to see to the north so I headed down the side of the highway. I took a left on the road and headed up to see what I could see. I immediately took notice of a forest up ahead and decided I’d enter it and take pictures of whatever I found inside.

It was really cool inside because it wasn’t nearly as dark as it looked from the outside. Inside I found tons of young and old trees, flowers, and a nice little stream. Along the stream I found things that made me excited like deer hoove-prints and stuff that kinda makes you sad. I found a number of places
where people had dumped scrap tin, old fencing, tires, and beer bottles.

The ground inside the growth of trees was really neat in that it was nearly completely covered with dead leaves, tree matter, and bark. As a real forest should be! None of this dirt flooring for me :)

There were a lot of trees that had fallen over and I guess that’s the natural course of things. They did make it quite easy to cross the little stream without getting my sneakers muddy. One thing I was dssappointed about was the lack of wildlife. I thought as least I’d see a frog or something near the stream but it wasn’t meant to be today. At least I found a big piles of ants ;)

I had a lot of fun! I hope to head out some other time and find other cool places I didn’t know existed!