My use of PNG

Consider my addition of transparent PNGs for quote and date backgrounds as another “Screw Internet Explorer” move. I want to be able to do things with my website. I will not let the inadequacies of a poor browser to hold me back. I will maintain two stylesheets and I will not concoct some off-the-wall system for keeping two stylesheets in sync.

I design this site to conform to standards and I cannot be consumed with making hacks here and there to accomodate weirdo browsers :)

By the same token CSS hacks are not even an option O_o Please please please consider using a nicer (to webdevelopers, and you! :)) browser. Just read this
quick document

If you’re already using Safari, Konqueror, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape 7, Galeon, or any other browser that this site looks good in then don’t worry about it ;)