Current Events

Well I thought I’d give everyone a little update as to what’s been going on with me lately! I guess these some more infrequently in the summer because I’m not doing much besides working, geeking out, and sleeping.

Jacqui’s been in Santa Fe, NM since saturday and I hear she’s having a good time seeing pueblos and eating spicy food ;) She should be getting back saturday and then her Chinchillas can go back to a regular schedule (I hear I feed them too late :))

In other news I moved my desk last night and unleashed a portal of hell from behind it. Not really, but I cleaned up the whole cable mess and found some interesting stuff back there (like a whole computer mouse just tangled up in the wires, apparently never connected to anything).

Anyways I think it looks good and I can’t wait until Jacqui gets back ;D

On the Work front I’ve been doing a ton of documentation on the Calendaring stuff. I’m documenting the code using PHPDoc which is similar to JavaDoc. Its a bit tedious but hopefully it will result in some good looking documentation.

That’s all, you’re dismissed now :)