Enterprise loathing

Why do so many people hate Enterprise? I’ve asked a few people and heard the responses in many thread over at Ars

A lot of people say that the characters are cliche and that the storylines are boring and predictable. Read on if you’re interested.

I seriously, really seriously don’t see that. Am I just some retarded TV sucker or is everyone else really on a high plane of exsistance than me?

I am excited each week when a new Enterprise is going to come out. I watch it, then I download it online to archive it for later watching. I love the characters because they (to me) seem to have such an awesome dynamic that I haven’t seen in other star trek series’.

In addition I love the premise of the show, I love how everything is new to the crew, I love seeing stuff happen that is forming the federation that we all saw in TNG, DS9, and Voyager.

Then people seem to have a big problem with T’pol. Sure she’s hot, but no one ever complained about Troi? She’s just as hot, an alien running around in skin tight clothing, and MORE USELESS than T’pol as a plot developer. Oh sure she’s the reason for alll theLwaxana Troi episodes :ROLLEYES: give me a break.

So are the Enterprise poo-pooers just too enlightened from years of watching “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Alias”, and “Dark Angel” that I’ve missed or am I just over a lower, neanderthal like race that enjoys bad TV programming? I guess only time will tell :)