I inadvertantly skipped posting yesterday

It’s probably because yesterday is when Jacqui got back from her vacation (she was gone all last week to Santa Fe, NM). All of the apartment-mates hung out for a while and me and Jacqui eventually headed out to go shopping (my food situation was in dire straights!).

We went to payless and I made a big decision. Lots of stores now-a-days are pulling this scam where they jack up prices and then offer you a little “savings cards” so that you can get the stuff at the normal price. People who don’t get the little card are stuck paying the rip-off prices. Up until yesterday I had either sneakily re-used jacqui’s card or just said “screw it.”

However yesterday, after seeing a guy save $20 (yeah I know they announce the value LOUDLY so that dorks like me in line who don’t have a card will take notice) I told the fellow that I’d like a card. So I got it and I managed to save $8.

Everyone also hung out and watched Star Trek: Nemesis. So we all had some good times ;)