Weekly Clint Update

I am really lagging on my updates. I’ve doing some work at work (wow!) and basically spending a lot of time with Jacqui and the roommates :) This weekend we went to the store for food and then me and Jacqui went down to the pool and swam for an hour or two and had a lot of fun :)

Read on for stuff about a purchase, classes, and the mutiliation of my iBook (NO BABOONS) :)

Last night I made a little trek to walmart with Will to buy some munchies and I ended up coming out with a memory stick :o Its a 256MB model and it needs no drivers which means I can use it on OS X or Windows with no problems ;P I did run into a problem though.

The weird shape of my iBook around the USB port made it impossible to insert the keychain completely into the port. This made me mad so I got an exacto knife and went unleashed some scultping-justice on my iBook. Look at the picture below of the keychain and see that the piece of plastic that the metal piece stick out of. Its TOO wide to clear the plastic molding of my laptop.

Here is what I did to my ibook to let the device insert fully (so I could use it on my iBook :P)

I really love it and I uploaded a bunch of stuff on it so far and I hope to make some use of it at work at for my upcoming classes.

Speaking of classes I finally got enrolled in everything and got everything paid for. My first class is at 8:40am on monday and lasts until 10:50am. Immediately after that class I will post here letting everyone know how it went ;) My second class is at 1pm til 2pm and I’ll post a little update on that class as well.

I bought my books for that class on friday and it came out to about $236 (ugh). They look interesting, but we’ll see.

Hmm I think thats all for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend :)