Some dude tried to break into our apartment (I think)

So here’s the long and short of it all. Me and Jacqui were hanging out around the apartment this morning around 7:45am. We were all ready to go to campus in about 15 minutes when out of no where we both hear our front door’s handle being jiggled. It was like someone was trying to open the door. However, he was turned away by this crazy new fangled device we had installed called “the lock.” So as he’s trying to mess with the door handle (he did this for at least 30 seconds, I have no idea what he thought was going to get out of jiggling the handle forever) I snuck up and got a peek at him through the peephole. He then moved away.

I moved into my roommate’s room (who is away for the week and who’s room faces the parking lot) so I can see if I can get a good look at the fellow through the window. As I walk up to the window and peer out he comes from around the corner. Upon seeing me standing RIGHT UP AGAINST THE WINDOW he quickly turns around and heads off at a quick pace.

My best guess is that he was walking by and caught a glace of the forementioned roommate’s laptop through his OPEN BLINDS and thought he might try to sneak in through an unlocked door and nab it. Oh well. We locked all the windows just in case. I would’ve called the police if I didn’t have to head off to classes and such so I just called the front office and gave them a describtion of the guy.