Sorry about the lack of updates lately! I’ve been really, really busy with school (I come home at 5pm, eat dinner, and then read my assigned reading for the night, then go to bed). My 4 week long class (the one with all the reading) should be done next week so that will end a lot of the hectic schedule.

Pair that up with no good news lately ;) Seems like no one is releasing anything right now, and it seems like everyone just wants to talk about the relative pros and cons of news syndication formats. I think they need to find an interoperable OPML-type format that works with groups ;P

Anyways I’m going to get an A in my 4 week class (COM 250). I’ve gotten A’s on a large majority of my quizzes and I’ve gotten A’s on my first two tests.

My POL class is moving a bit slower so its hard to predict right now. I’ll learn the results of our first “exam” tomorrow so I’ll give a prediction after that.