Last Week of COM 250

I am really disappointed in myself that I missed a B by a single question on the third test in COM 250. Up until this point I’ve been getting A’s on the exams.

In any case this is the final week of the four week class and I’ll be damned if I don’t get an A in this class. I will be so mad if I don’t get an A.

In other news my new iBook is GREAT! I took it to the Indy Ars meet to show it off to everyone and everyone thought it was great. A friend who was there (Kurt) had a Sanyo phone with Sprint service. We plugged it into my iBook and I instantly was able to use it as a modem and was online with near 56k access…WIRELESS….NATIONWIDE :)

This is the kind of stuff I love about the iBook. Just think…in one or two more OS revisions, Mac users will rule the world! :D

And finally, I bought a box of twinkies. :)