Ben Folds - Speed Graphic

This EP hit the virtual shelves today. You won’t be able to find it in any big stores.

ben folds is in the studio recording his new album due early 2004, and every couple of months between now and then, he’ll be releasing an ep of all new material.

Pretty cool huh? What’s even cooler is that it was available on the iTunes Music Store. Here is a link to it on the iTunes Store – Mac OS X only

Its really cool what he’s doing with regards to releasing EP’s every couple of months. Here is a quote from Ben on his site:

ben here. i just finished an EP. it’s called “speed graphic”. it has 5 songs on it. it will be available in the next couple of weeks, during which time i’ll be finishing another EP called “sunny 16”, to be released in september. a third EP will be recorded (no name yet) for release in november. a trilogy of EP’s. a full length cd will come out at the beginning of the year, for those who don’t like EP’s. i have 24 hour access to a studio now, so i’m using it.

quietly releasing my music as EP’s allow me to get it out there as i finish it. with a minimum of hype. it’s for people who buy my music anyway. it won’t be sold in the big ass chains, because that puts the price up and starts the big ass machinery – press, radio etc. then i have to pose naked at the piano, and really, i’m not a piece of meat, you know. the music will be available at gigs, and online, and on vinyl in some smaller stores.

More artists need to try and do this