Wrapup of the last 16 hours

  1. My iBook locked up and I hard rebooted it. Windowserver and/or loginwindow.app were somehow corrupted by satan himself. My computer would get stuck in an endless loop: try to login, crash, try to login, ad infinitum…
  2. I fsck’d the disk, I tried replacing those apps. I tried replacing frameworks. I got nothin. Time to reinstall!
  3. I tried Archive/Install and everything went to wonkville on me. Time to salvage my home directory and Applications and re-reinstall.
  4. Finally got all ~17G of stuff copied off to Jacqui’s tower and started reinstalling right before bed.
  5. Got up at 6am this morning to finish the install and apply all of the updates. Once that was done I copied over my home dir and applications folder.
  6. Now I have to reinstall all my UNIX apps (mySQL, PHP 4.3.2, X11, maybe fink if I feel like it) and Palm Desktop
  7. Now I have to re-enter license #’s for a lot of stuff
  8. I got a nice email from Greg who runs the other Indiana Blogs site. We might be working together in the near future.
  9. I bought “Ben Folds” new EP from the iTunes Music Store more on this in my next post.
  10. I also got a lot of the cities and counties entered into my blog DB

What a fun 16hrs