My poor, poor, classmates

I’m in my POL 141 class right now and I must say that this class has been witness to the most regular and most unsettling bouts of silence I’ve had in a class.

You see, the teacher asks a question and expects an answer. The logical, rational idea that should pop into a students head is to offer an answer. However, for some reason, in this class nobody wants to answer. So everyone sits there staring at the teacher and the teacher stands there staring at the students until someone finally cracks.

I offer my answers as often as I can but after 2 or 3 times it gets old and he actually stops answering me because he doesn’t want a single person to dominate the discussion, and I don’t blame him.

Anyways, I’m sure a lot of people have seen this happen in a class but this is, by far, this class has the most I’ve ever seen. Good thing this class wil be over soon enough ;)