I find myself constantly fighting the urge to start new projects. I must remind myself that I HAVE to work on my paper which is due Friday at all costs.

I actually have to force myself to discard less important things because they actually have no bearing on my life whereas this paper means the difference between an A and a B in this class!

I was unable to fight temptations last night I made several scripts to help me out! First I created a projects scripts that maintains a pretty cool index of the different projects I’m working on at any time. I have cron jobs set up to move the relevant material to the server via scp so all the latest material is available to me (and you I guess) from the web.

I also whipped together some scripts and cron jobs that run certain apple scripts that control iTunes. These scripts mimick an alarm clock AND a sleep time (it runs itunes for 45 min then quits itunes). I’ll make those available once I get my projects script supporting multiple dirs! BUT NOT TIL I FINISH MY PAPER!!!! gah see how hard it is?

BTW The majority of the iTunes automation is by way of them.ws

Here is a SIT of the scripts: http://www.them.ws/stuff/docs/iTunes.sit

Here is the shell script that pulls it all together: http://www.them.ws/stuff/docs/itunes.txt

You’ll also wanna grab: launch and appswitch

Those last two are CLI apps which are used in the iTunes script. They are very cool little apps which are used to control various aspects of OS X like switching, launching, and killing applications via the command line. Check em out!

I’m out ….. TO DO MY PAPER