I bought some stuff today

Three CD’s of cool bands and Season four of DS9.


Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue Buy Band

This group is really awesome. I saw them perform live once as an opener alongside Allister and they are really a cool band to see live. The main thing that differentiates this group from others is that one member is a mean violinist and the band integrates his instrument very well into the rest of the music (mostly pop punk stuff). Jacqui, an excellent violinist herself, says the kid is really good.

RX Bandits – The Resignation Buy Band

This is really the most unique band on Drive-thru with Something Corporate coming in a close second. The RX bandits do a really good job of integrating punk with a reggae sound. What makes the RX bandits even better is that they actually have a purpose behind most of their music. Their songs are filled with all sorts of topical political and social issues and its pretty refreshing to listen to songs about something other than failed relationships ;) This CD also came with a DVD that I haven’t gotten a chance to watch yet.

Rufio - 1985 CD Cover

Rufio – 1985 Buy Band

I enjoy Rufio because their songs are catchy and are usually brain wretchingly fast. Have I ever mentioned that really fast music makes me swoon? It can be hiphop, electronic, punk, accoustic but I really love music that moves and keeps moving :)