Summer Semester

I’m a little late at posting this but my Summer semester officially ended this past Tuesday. My two classes COM250 (A), POL 141 (?) went really well and I’m very happy to have learned some stuff other than electronics.

I am pretty sure I am going to get an A in political science, partly because I did well on the previous exams, I think my final paper kicked ass, I participated a lot in class, and the final quiz was relatively cake.

What the end of summer semester also means is that I think I officially have a degree now, Ass ociates. Not that I will really ever use it or need it, but I got it. I guess I can put it on my resume or something ;)

Today is also my last day of work until school starts back up. Me and Jacqui are going to leave here on Sunday and head back to Chicago for a while and then we’ll be flying out to wichita on the 16th of August and returning on the 20th.

Fall semester begins on the 25th, and I am really excited (and nervous) to see it ;)