Yellowcard, Autopilot Off, Movies and More

As I said in a previous post, me and Jacqui trekked on down to the Metro last night to enjoy some awesome bands. It took us about 1:30 to get there due to some horrible traffic but we made it at the end of the 2nd opener (either Over it or Don’t Look Down).

We saw a band called Split Habit which was really good and Jacqui enjoyed their stuff. She especially liked the crazy man who played bass and did lead vocals.

I’ve got quite a few Autopilot Off mp3s as it turns out because I knew a lot of their songs, they were really good and even came with their own banner. Lot of people were there for APO but most of them had come for the very awesome Yellowcard. They started off their set by doing an accoustic number and then went right into some of their older songs.

Somewhere in the middle they did a 4 or 5 song set of songs off their new album “Ocean Avenue.” It was really great because I have been listening to that album a lot lately and it’s always fun when you can sing along at a concert.

At the end of the night we were both half-deaf and tired as hell. Me and Jacqui had a great time seeing Yellowcard and the others pull off an excellent show. We also were given a few sampler CDs on the way out and there are some good songs on those. I am also looking forward to finding out more info on “Split Habit”, they really were a great group.

If you ever get a chance to go see a Yellowcard show, I really encourage you to!

In other news we’ve been cavorting around Chicagoland for the past few days. The first night we got here we (me,jacqui,jacqui’s brother Justin, jacqui’s parents, and her grandparents) all went out to eat at Yu’s Mandarin restaurant. I’ve been there two times previous and I really love eating the excellent Chinese food, it’s really nice after spending a few months eating the same stuff over and over.

We also went to eat at new place here in Schaumburg named Pompeii which is another good italian restaurant. We also visited Woodfield mall and were tempted to buy expensive things in the Apple store. On Tuesday I went to get my teeth X-rayed and cleaned and I’m proud to say that I have pretty healthy teeth except that I don’t floss enough (I’ve since started) and I have a tooth thats a little worn down.

Yesterday we did all the yellowcard stuff and today we went to go eat at Portillos then we saw American Wedding, got smoothies at Jamba Juice, and ate dinner at Benihana with Jacqui’s brother Justin and her cousin Alice.

After that we came back and watched Donnie Darko, which is an excellent movie by the way, while Jacqui installed some new RAM and OS X 10.2 on Alice’s new clamshell iBook.

Tomorrow we’ll start getting ready to leave for Wichita on Saturday. We’ve also got plans to visit the awesome new mega-apple store in downtown Chicago so wish us luck ;)