Back from Wichita!

Me and Jacqui had a great time in Wichita. We didn’t get to see everyone we wanted to but we only had four days to tour Wichita. On our first night back we ate dinner at my Grandma’s house and basically hung out and got to know everyone.

The next day was my Aunt’s birthday and we had her birthday party along with cake. Lots of pictures are available on Jacqui’s purdue webspace.


The day before I left for Wichita, me and Jacqui went to the Michigan Avenue Apple store which is freaking nice. Its one of three Apple flagship stores in the country. These stores are absolutely immaculate and no expense is spared. I ended up buying a 10GB Apple iPod while I was there, I couldn’t help it! I’ve been wanting one for a while and it also serves double duty as a firewire hard drive :)

While in Wichita I bought a Belkin 802.11b Wireless Router#. This was a good purchase for me because it turns out it only costs me $29.99 after rebates and it will let me use my purdue IP via a wireless connection as well as use it as a switch.

Added on 8-22-2003: We’re back in West Lafayette now. It’s really crazy here because everyone and their mom is moving back into town. Car wrecks, long lines, and throngs of people are becoming more common place.

Classes start on Monday and I am very excited. :)