Punk Rock Show Tomorrow

Well the semester is about half over and we’ve come upon October break as it’s affectionately called here at Purdue. What makes this October break cooler than other October breaks is that I am going to be leaving tomorrow with Jacqui and my roommate Will to go to Chicago!

While in Chicago I’ll be seeing the Drive-thru invasion tour which is featuring some of my favorite bands! They include:

  • The Starting Line
  • Allister
  • Homegrown
  • The Early November
  • Senses Fail

I am so pumped! We’ll have Jacqui’s camera so there’s sure to be plenty pic like I took at the Yellowcard concert.

In other music news I still find myself listening to Yellowcard’s Ocean Avenue QUITE often and I hear that Something Corporate’s album “North” which comes out in a few weeks sounds excellent.

I have also found myself listening a bit to a group called “Arch Enemy.” This is a group that my friend Ed introduced me to. Its kinda not in my normal style unless you take into account that I love fast music and Arch Enemy is just really fast death metal ;)

Other than that its standard fare! I hope to be impressing everyone on here with my stellar midterm grades in 2 weeks or so. Keep your eyes peeled! :P