Tests, Projects, School In General

I got my score back from my second Physics test and it’s a dismal 50! Fourtunately for me I was in the upper half of the class with regards to score. Hopefully that’ll help me out when it comes to the final grade.

I also took my ECET 304 exam last thursday night and I think I did pretty well. We might know how we did on Monday but definately on Wednesday. I’ve not been up to much stuff lately except for 304 projects.

One of those projects has been designing a 3-stage amplifier layout for a 304 lab. We had to design it with RF supression in mind, which means small, lots of ground, and small ;D Well those and the use of RFC’s and stuff. I’d throw a screen shot up here if I wasn’t lazy enough :)

The second layout I’ll be working on is a circuit board layout for a semester long 304 project where we will combine three different types of circuits (digital, analog, and RF) onto a single board. The goal is that we’ll learn important design ideas behind creating mixed signal boards like these (just as we will in the real world). We’ll be getting that done on tuesday and it is due on friday.

The third is a layout that I’m slowly working on. It’s a semester long extra credit project where we’ll make a digitally controlled AM modulator. I’ve gotten some ideas down and some of the parts but I don’t really have that much time to dedicate to it.

Anyways, stuff’s going good! Last wednesday I registered for perhaps my final semester at Purdue. 12 credit hours, pretty scary because I’ll be entering the work force.

Anyways, here’s to good grades ;)