Classes for Next (and final) Semester

Well they’ve been finalized and here they are:

ECET 359

At the end of this course students should be able to:

  • Describe the addressing modes of PCs.
  • Discuss the values and drawbacks of various PC busses and interface connections.
  • Design PC peripheral hardware
  • Identify the necessary capabilities of a commercial add-in card for a specific application
  • Do high-level event-driven programming
  • Plan a user-friendly Visual BASIC program utilizing multiple forms, global variables, and timer events.
  • Understand configuring programmable peripheral chips
  • Develop Visual BASIC programs utilizing OLE to communicate with (at least) a spreadsheet.

ECET 357

  • A working knowledge of the architecture and software development tools associated with a general purpose microprocessor
  • Linear system concepts including the single sided Laplace transform, S domain, poles and zeroes, transfer functions, frequency response, impulse response.
  • Linear filter approximations, e.q. Butterworth, Chebyshev I and II
  • Fourier series and transforms
  • Trig functions sine, cosine, and complex exponential. The Euler relationship
  • The solution of linear constant coefficient differential equations.
  • Taylor series

ECET 396

In this course you will work with project demands that model common situations in industry. You will experience the design review process both as a reviewer and as the designer.

You will face problems of system integration, meeting deadlines, and devising testing for performance, ease of use, and reliability.