What's been playing on your iPod Lately?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been pretty busy, but I’ve been able to pick up some new music and develop some taste for some new albums that’ve come out. I’ve found about four albums I’ve really enjoyed and have entered heavy rotation on my iPod and I’d like to share them. So without furthe adieu:

ZebraheadMFZB :: I reccomend the song(s) “Hello Tomorrow”, “Type A”, and “Over the Edge”

Something CorporateNorth :: I reccomend the song(s) “Space”, “Down”, “Only Ashes”, and “21 and Invincible”

ParkIt Won’t Snow Where You’re Going :: I reccomend the song “Conversations With Emily”

SpitalfieldRemember Right Now :: I reccomend the song “I loved the Way She Said L.A.”

Four great albums by four great bands. Give em a listen if you’re in any way compatible with the music I like ;)