Whoa...Car Pinball

So I hear my roommate Will Read hopping out the door at around 1:40 this morning and he comes back in and yells “Jacqui!” so I ask him what’s up. Long story short, some dude was impatient in the parking lot and decided he would speed around a girl who was pulling into/out-of a spot rather than waiting.

Well she kept coming and he sped up. He over corrected and hit an SUV on the far side of the parking lot, and bounced off. He then was on a straight course for our side. He clipped a red car, and plowed right into the side of jacqui’s car’s trunk. It pushed her car up onto the grass and into a truck.

Anyways, jacqui’s rear end is pretty damaged. No lights, the bumper is destroyed, the trunk is bent and both rear quarter panels are crunched. It was towed tonight and I guess all the work will be put into place tomorrow. The cops showed up REALLY quick, like in 3-4 minutes. There were about 6 cops today and 3-4 tow trucks. Everyone in our apartment building was out there too, it was kinda fun ;)