Music Stuff

First I’ll tell you about the less well known underground people and then the COMMERCIAL SELLOUTS :D

One Mile Wish [website ] [garageband link ] [media ]

These guys are awesome! I’ve watched them grow in their various forms into what they are today. I’ve known Dan (guitarist and webmaster) since about 1999 via IRC. Since then he’s moved from Delaware to LA and has put together this band. They’ve got 5 official songs I think and they’re all great, but I’ll link to my favorites.

Birds of a Feather this is one of their newest tracks and is a bit more poppy than their other stuff.

Solitaire this song is from their last batch of recording and is probably my favorite.

They have been getting quite a bit of coverage lately. A magazine cover and interview, some press from kingsofar and some radio/label interest! Check out their songs, you will most likely enjoy them :)

On to the Corporate Whores!

Friend or Foe by Forces of Evil [amazon ] [iTunes ]

This is a ska/rock band side project and is headed up by Aaron of Reel Big Fish and sounds really good. I picked up their fist EP at Warped Tour two years ago and really enjoyed it. This is their first full-length release on Jive Records and contains all of those songs from the first album and a bunch more. The older songs sound like they’ve been rerecorded and sound much better.

Folklore by Nelly Furtado [amazon ] [iTunes]

This album doesn’t come out until next week but I managed get a hold of copy. This album is kinda like “Whoa! Nelly” but its much more melodic, but it still sounds great.

This is Not a Test by Missy Elliot [amazon ] [iTunes]

Also comes out tuesday (11/25/03) and I’ve only gotten a chance to listen to the first track and it sounds excellent. Missy always puts out a CD with at least one or two great songs on it.