What happened over thanksgiving?

Well everything turned out fine! Jacqui had to rent a car to get us back to Chicago, but once that was done everything went smooth.

We drove the Dodge Stratus to Chicago and hung out for a day and spent Thanksgiving with Jacqui’s family and ate some awesome food cooked up by her parents.

Later on her Father informed her that they would be giving Jacqui her mother’s excellent 02’ Passat as a Christmas/Graduation present. Massive rolleyes from Jacqui about the “Christmas present” part commenced :). All in all it turned out fine. Jacqui’s got a car again, and her parents got a brand new BMW 325xi :o

Jacqui drove the rental car back and I drove the Passat which was fun as I haven’t gotten to drive a long distance in a while (due to lack of car) and I most certainly haven’t ever had an opportunity to do the drive from Chicago->Purdue