Predictions for 2004

Jeremy Zawodny makes some predictions for 2004. I agree with most of them except his precidions for RSS. RSS is cool and all. Lots of people use it, but its mostly tech-oriented people. If RSS ever does become “mainstream” in the same way that the WWW has then I think it’ll be in a fashion we don’t know of yet, and it’ll be completely transparent to end users.

Seeing RSS feed URI’s on billboards will never even happen, sorry Jeremy :D I’ll eat some edible shorts if I’m wrong ;)

More predictions? I think we’ll start to see P2P like bittorrent become more decentrailized, more secure, and even more anonymous. It’ll become easier to use and that’ll bring up a whole new host of RIAA silliness. I also think that 2004 will be the year that the MPAA finally starts cracking down on online movie traders ala RIAA via KaZaa.

Year of the Mac! No really. Apple will release 3GHz computers this year and who knows what else they’ve got planned for portables, iPod, and whatever else we can’t even fathom yet. They’re going to be pushing iTMS in a HARD way starting in January through March and it’ll be fantabulous.

I also predict the demise of 1 or 2 of the current PC-only music serivces :)