Grades Update

Things are coming down to the wire in my final week of regulation classes of my second-to-last semester at Purdue. I’ve gotten an updated grade for my ECET 304 class as a whole, my test 3 score from ECET 307 and a little on-going story to tell about the 304 project.

304 Class Grade

Just a quick update on all things class-oriented. My score of 100% on my ECET 304 brought my test average up to 92.7%. That along with my quiz average of 103%, my homework average of 85.7%, and my lab average of 93.4% has resulted in a very nice score of 93.4% going into the final. The only grades left in the course are 1 lab which is currently being graded, the final project (which is a story in and of itself) and the Final.

307 Test 3 Grade

I just now checked my 307 test 3 grade that I took a week ago and I’m pretty happy to see that I recieve a score of 89 on it. It would’ve been that much sweeter to get a 90 or above, but an 89 will do fine. This brings my grade in 307 up to an 85. I’m really getting killed in 307 via the homework grade. I have a 66.7% which is all my fault obviously. I missed two homeworks (the first and somewhere in the middle) and one quiz. The second time was due to me oversleeping. The other thing killing me in homework is that we have a lot of it in there and we collect it weekly. My homework schedule is finely tuned and hectic so I can’t really afford to do anything well in advance so I always do everything the day before its due. This is tough with 307 cuz there’s a week’s worth of stuff, but I normally finish everything; althoug not to the best of my abilities sometimes.

304 Project Board

Today started in earnest the data taking portion of the this project.

But ohhhh no! I spent from 9:30 to 11:30 soldering and resoldering and probably frying several SG-615P 20MHz oscillator chips because I couldn’t figure out which way it was supposed to be on the board :P So we didn’t get ANYTHING done in our normal lab time. So that meant we were going to have to take advantage of the night lab from 4pm to 8pm. So we got the digital circuit kinda working but not doing what it’s supposed to, the 300MHz RF Amplifier works awesome unsuppressed, and after some troubleshooting the sensitive analog section works okay as well. So we were able to at least take some measurements and get some data. All thats left to do today (I will probably be in MGL 1235 from 9AM until 9PM today if things go their worst) is to figure out why the digital section isn’t cooperating and then take measurements for it. Then we have to slowly add Electromagnetic Interferance suppression components to each section and retake all that data. Doesn’t sound so hard, right? :D