iBook Update

Today is day 10 of Apple having my iBook so I called them up this morning. I had previously tried to call them yesterday (was on hold for 25minutes) and I had tried to call them twice the day before that (30 minutes on hold the first time and the promise of a 1 hour wait the next time).

So obviously there is one dude manning the repair lines at Apple. I called at 9:30am and got him and he told me that they were replacing my logic board and that they didn’t have the part available. He then told me that he was going to initiate a part search and get a logic board overnighted from a different warehouse. If all goes well the iBook could be repaired and sent out tomorrow and arrive on Friday. Worst case scenario is that it doesn’t get sent out until Friday because it won’t get to my apartment until Monday (I’ll be in Wichita by then). So I was instructed to call back on Friday and see what their status is and request an address change then.

On a final note, I’d like to mention that NONE OF THIS LOGIC BOARD BUSINESS WAS EVEN ALLUDED TO ON THEIR ON-LINE REPAIR STATUS PAGE. Why not? Has Apple placed a ban on any documented acknowledgment of the problem? (thanks Ryan) They guy on the phone’s voice seemed to become quieter when he told me it was the logic board. Like it was top secret :P

The repair status page still says “Begin Repair”. Not Hold: Awaiting Part or some such, which by the way is a valid status for Apple’s system.