Daily iBook Update

So I decided I’d bug the guy manning the phones at Apple’s repair service again today to see what’d become of my iBook and if they’d been able to get that logic board overnighted last night. After going on hold for the requisite few minutes I got “Chris” and he took my information.

Both times I’ve called in to get the status of the iBook (which still isn’t getting updated on their website) they pause and ask me to hold for a few more minutes. It’s starting to freak me out; like there’s a novel of information attached to my repair report that they have to digest before actually talking to me. Anyways, he tells me that his records show “that they got the logic board and they installed it and that it didn’t seem to solve the problem.”

“oh great”, I say. This is all I need. I REALLY NEED MY LAPTOP GUYS. Anyways, he was concerned that its been 11 days without a resolution (as he should), so he tells me that he has the authority to “expedite” the process and that he’d contact that particular repair center directly while I held for a few more minutes.

This time I get put on a different hold. Not the hold that I was used to with annoying Christmas music. This hold had absolutely no music. It was worse! This hold had a womans voice who said “please hold” every 30 seconds. No lie. I was the most annoying 3 or 5 minutes of my life.

Anyways, he gets back to me and brings me up to speed with the latest hijinks of the guys repairing my iBook. He tells me that their original report which said that the logic board didn’t fix the computer was dashed when they actually plugged it into the wall and saw that it did indeed boot up fine. They must’ve skipped the step in their little book that had them make sure that the battery was charged :P

So they’re charging the battery and they’ll make extra double sure that it works off of battery power before shipping it out. Chris told me that he was pretty sure they’d ship it out this afternoon and that it’d arrive tomorrow. However, he advised me to call in tomorrow morning to check up on the situation. If for some reason they haven’t shipped it out, he told me that he was “pretty sure” that I could get the ship-back address changed to my grandma’s address in Wichita :P