Grades/Finals Update

Two finals down and one to go! My only final remaining is my ECET 307 final tomorrow morning at 8am. ick. I have pretty good news to report about my other classes, however. I found out on the ECET 304 front that my group got a 100% on the project paper we turned in and I received a 75% on the final. That left my grade in 304 at a very respectable 91.6%.

Last night me and Jacqui took our Physics 219 exam and we were able to check the results immediately afterwords. I got a 70% on the final which brought my raw score in Physics 219 to 75%. Today I’ve been checking the physics site to find out where the curve put me and I see that I have received an A in Physics 219 with a 75% :)

I also somehow managed to receive a B in ECET 480 (aka the easiest class ever). I missed two classes (due to some confusion on my part) and that left me at an 87.4% _

I currently have an 85% in the class whose final I’ll be taking tomorrow morning. There are a few other grades missing from that score so I’m not sure if I can easily achieve an A by doing well on the final, but I’ll sure try :D

As for English 421 I have absolutely no idea what my grade will be in there. We got a 98 on our first project, I got an 87 on project 2 and we never received grades on the third project. I suppose if I did well on it, I could be facing an A in there as well.

To recap:

  • ECET 304 – A
  • ECET 480 – B
  • PHYS 219 – A
  • ECET 307 – B or A
  • ENGL 421 – B or A

Figuring my the credits into the mix, that means my GPA this semester will be either a 3.5, 3.68, 3.75, or 3.93. That means my CGPA will be yanked to somewhere between 3.06 and 3.11 from 3.01 :D

Finally, I took three books back to the bookstore today and got :115bux:, it all went into my savings account and I deposited my paycheck as well. Pretty much all that money went to pay off my credit card balance :P