iBook Update (Dec 22)

Well here it is, December 22. I’m back in Wichita now (got your email david!). Anyways I’ve been trying to get ahold of the “Apple Repair Line” all morning since I arrived and they’ve been having technical difficulties all morning. Random disconnects, error messages, you name it. I’ve checked the number that the fellow on friday gave me to check the status of my package on Airborne.com and they still don’t show a package with that reference number and of course Apple’s repair site still shows my iBook as “in repair”. Ugh.

So I suppose I’ll continue to get through to them today so I can try and harass them and figure out what’s going on.

UPDATE: @ 3:50pm CST: Since the main line was still jacked up I hatched a devious plan to trick the support line into forwarding me ANYONE who could possibly help me out. I called in again but instead of proceeding directly to the Automated Repair Status, I just hit random keys on the telephone until the system got tired of me and sent me to a real person. Once I got a real person he was pretty eager to help me out.

I once again laid out my entire story about how they sat on it for 10 days, then they overnighted the motherboard in after I complained, then it would be shipped on Thursday, then maybe Friday, then how I told them to send it to Kansas. Then how the fellow on Saturday told me it had already shipped to Wichita, blah blah blah. Once again they seemed pretty incredulous and put me on hold while he called up the “Dispatch department”.

When he got back he told me that the unit had NEVER SHIPPED and that it was still undergoing final testing. He told me that the guy in the “Dispatch Department” thought it might be done today but that it would almost definately ship out tomorrow and would arrive on Wednesday (uggggh). If it does arrive on Wednesday it’ll be 2 days short of a three week ordeal with Apple’s repair service :P