iBook Saga (Dec 24 Edition)

I’ll make this one short and to the point. I was over at my Father’s house to spend Christmas Eve / Christmas Morning and it was around 4:45pm CST so I thought I’d make my daily call up to the Apple Repair place to see how everything was progressing and see if my laptop had shipped out on the 24th like the fellow on the 23rd had hoped it would.

When I got through (amazingly quick I might add) I found myself on the phone with a young lady. She was pretty helpful and I told her that I didn’t have my dispatch ID today because I was at a different location.

“No problem”, she said, “let me have your phone number”

I gave her the number and she asked who she was talking to. I told her. She looked up my records and told me that they had received the part they were waiting on and that they’d be installing it.

“Wait a second”, I said. They weren’t waiting on any parts yesterday. I told her that Chris told me yesterday that the notes on my case indicated that they’d entered final testing and that only the “Battery test” remained. She then told me that the notes said “Replacement part received on Dec 24.”

“Funny, they didn’t say anything about a replacement part yesterday.”, I told her. She told me that that’s simply what it said in the notes. She then told me that it was a “Replacement Logic Board” for the unit. I then told her that they’d already replaced the logic board to which she again told me that that’s simply what it said in the notes.

I decided I’d end the call on that note, seeing as she was working Christmas Eve and it was probably close to her quitting time (or that was my excuse, anyways :P). I really don’t know what to make of what she told me? Did they really replace the logic board only to find that it failed AGAIN during final testing and they ordered another one? Someone has to have told me something that wasn’t true. How can they be in smooth sailing after closing time on Tuesday and then a replacement logic board arrives on the 24th? They would’ve had to have ordered it on the 23rd. Bah Whatever.

They told me that the part had arrived. That means that they’ll have to install it and go all through the “Final Testing” again. She thinks it might be sent out on Friday and it’d arrive on Monday. Please keep in mind that I LEAVE FOR PURDUE ON TUESDAY. I’m almost 100% sure that it won’t be sent out Friday. I should just call them and re-re-change the shipping address back home. AGGGGHH.