iBook Update (Dec 26)

I hope everyone had a great Christmas ;)

I made my daily call to Apple today and I got a guy (didn’t catch his name this time) and told him that I was calling to find out the status of the repair of my iBook. As expected I was put on hold and I got to listen to their fabulous hold music.

The young man came back and told me that the unit had been put back on hold as it was awaiting a new Main Logic Board. I told the guy that the lady I talked to on the 24th had told me that they’d received a logic board and were simply waiting to install it til today. He then told me that they did in fact receive that part and that it had failed during testing today.

He then became very apologetic. He told me that he was sorry it had been taking so long and that this is very uncommon. He then told me that he had personally never seen so many parts replaced this many times on a single unit. Well I was pretty much expecting this so I told him that I’d just like to have the shipping address of the iBook changed BACK to my apartment’s address in West Lafayette. You might remember that I had them change the shipping address FROM my apartment’s to my home’s address in Wichita since they thought it would be done this week.

I asked him if there was any ETA on the repair and he told me he didn’t know and it’d be whenever a logic board replacement could be found. Sigh…. :(