I'm back in West Lafayette

I got back into West Lafayette today just fine. I arrived in Chicago yesterday around 10am and hung out most of the day. We went to Jamba Juice and to Woodfield Mall to walk around a bit. I tried calling the Apple Representative who emailed me on Monday a few times over the course of the past two days and wasn’t able to get ahold of him.

Me and Jacqui went to go see the movie “Peter Pan” last night and it was really great, we both enjoyed it and thought it was a pretty fun movie to go see.

We packed up this morning and headed back to West Lafayette. A little while after I got back we (Me, Jacqui and Will Smith) were going to Wal*Mart when we stopped at the mail box. I then saw my fourth room mate “Will Read” coming around the corner. I talked to him and he told me he had picked up an Airborne Express slip on the door this afternoon. That meant that my iBook had most likely made its way back to me (jeez right when I stop paying attention to it :P).

When we got back from Walmart, Will Read told me that someone from Apple had called for me earlier today. I called and he wasn’t there so I left a message for him. About an hour or so later he called and I talked to him about the case. He was pretty impressed with the records I had kept and said he’d remarked to a colleague about how detailed my email was :P He said that my email matched up almost perfectly with their records.

Anyways he told me that my iBook was on hold for the logic board part from Dec 8 until Dec 26. Which was very much not what they told me on the repair line. He was a little unsure why they would tell me those thing but he said that they’d be looking into it. We talked about the whole thing a bit more, about what they told me at different points and stuff like that.

We talked about how normally their repair times are great and I agreed with him and told him that’s part of the reason the whole thing was frustrating. He then asked me if I’d like an iSight or something else similar from their store as compensation for the abnormal delay in repairs.

So, my iBook is back but being held hostage by the main office, and I am getting a free iSight out of the deal. Sounds good to me, as long as the iBook works fine forever ;)